Wind Turbines

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Tony Pearson and contractors of Future Energy are very experienced with installations of wind and solar throughout NZ (20 years of experience) and we have a wide range of wind turbines,(click on images below and/or go to Links for more information) that will suit whatever power needs you have.  They have been selected to suit New Zealand conditions and are very robust and warranted to winds over 200 km per hour, well over NZ wind speeds.  They are quiet and easy to maintain.  They have a design life of 25 years but with a small over haul significantly longer.  They are therefore a very good property investment.  We provide a range of domestic size from 3 kW to 10 kW.  On grid equipment costs  (turbine, mast and inverter) range between $24,000 - $75,000 respectively.  The average house requires a 3.5kW turbine.  We also supply a wide range of other sizes including smaller and larger where required.  
Wind turbines require a concrete foundation that we can instal although it is often cheaper to get a local contractor or do yourself.  We supply all the specifications and the foundation kit is included in the turbine purchase.  We will undertake the turbine installation and costs depend on where you are and lengths of cable runs etc.

In many situations the optimum solution may be a combined wind and solar which evens out the power so you have a consistent supply of energy without large peaks and troughs which often happens with single generation system.  Research I have conducted on Matiu-Somes Island with an installation of off grid wind and solar (published) shows the clear benefit of combining wind and solar.  The benefits being: a smaller wind turbine, solar array and battery bank.  Also, less reliance on diesel or mains back-up.

We provide both fully off grid systems and grid connected systems that will continue to power your property if mains power fails.  This requires a set of batteries and inverter but does give financial advantages of making better use of your own power in addition to the security of keeping power available.  We provide a range of batteries including new technology lithium and aqualine (saline).  If you require batteries I am happy to discuss the relative costs and benefits of the technologies.  I keep very up to date with battery research and development.
 nb: prices ex gst and only a rough guide.

Let Tony design your system and give you everything you need to start producing your own electricity delivered to your location.

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