We provide a range of batteries and will design and recommend the best battery for the situation. We are investigating the use of Aqualine (sodium) and lithium batteries.

Advantages of Aqualine batteries are:
  • over the life of the battery they are the most cost effective.
  • can be discharged to 100%
  • very long cycle life
  • temperature resistant
  • non polluting, envirnmentally friendly

The advantages of lithium tp lead acid are:
  • They can be discharged to a greater depth without damage
  • They can be charged and discharged at a much fast rate
  • Over the lifetime of the battery they are more cost effective.

Battery Autonomy Testing

We provide an independent c assessing the true capacity of a battery and ensuring it is within the manufacturers specifications.

We provide both fully off grid systems and grid connected systems that will continue to power your property if mains power fails.  This requires a set of batteries and inverter but does give financial advantages of making better use of your own power in addition to the security of keeping power available.  We provide a range of batteries including new technology lithium and aqualine (saline).  If you require batteries I am happy to discuss the relative costs and benefits of the technologies.  I keep very up to date with battery research and development.
 nb: prices ex gst and only a rough guide.

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