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Kiwi Bank Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan

Osiris wind turbines -Robust, warranted to hurricane strength, ideal for NZ conditions. 10 kW turbine is a high production exceptional value wind turbine. Ideal for community, farm and very high power users.

Windspot(Sonkyo)wind turbines -Robust, warranted to hurricane strength, ideal for NZ conditions come in a range of sizes and suitable for on and off grid installations, good paybacks.

Logic Energy - Manufacturer and hosting for Monitoring and wind measurement systems

Rutland Wind Generators and Marlec Renewable Energy Solutions

Ginlong Inverters High quality and value wind and solar grid tied inverters.

SMA Solar Technology develops, produces and sells inverters and monitoring systems for renewable energy applications.

Sealite for Marine Navigation Aids

Vega - New Zealand manufacturer and supplier of Marine Navigation Aids

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA - New Zealand government agency that has a lot of information on renewable generation and occasional has grants available for a limited number of installations.

SEANZ - The Small Electricity Association of New Zealand is the industry body for small scale renewable energy systems.

Astara - providing clean energy and waste saving projects including PV generation, electric transportation and infrastructure projects.

Clean Technology Park Otaki - A technology park creating a sustainable business environment for tomorrow.

Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles - Industry and EV owners support and lobbying organisation

Jacky Pearson Art - For relaxation investment and spending your hard earned dollars!

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